Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hagan's Head Hand Delivered

When performing The Great Heads of Statesville Exit Poll, a common question by the media was what was the reaction from the candidates regarding having their images painted on pumpkins.

Our candid response was mixed. When researching for pictures so the 7th and 8th grade artists from the American Renaissance School could paint an accurate image, we contacted all of the candidates. And yes, there were some who did not respond to our request for pictures and some were confused and did not understand our purpose despite our explanation. However, there were a few who instantly got the humor and got as much of a chuckle if not more than we did.

One of those was Senator Hagan and her team. In fact they had contacted us and wanted her pumpkin head if it survived the exit poll. So when Joel Leonard encountered Senator Hagan's husband at the Piedmont Triad Partnership Annual meeting, he went back out to his car and was able to present Mr Chip Hagan his wife's head. That impromptu ceremony last night caused numerous head scratching and consternation by some of the attendees.
But with all of the serious issues that our leaders have to grapple, it is great to know that they can have fun with this crazy prediction method. Most importantly, Mr. Hagan marvelled that the students were able to build trebuchets and get excited about engineering and physics in the process.

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