Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An idea is born

In 2004, the Statesville Convention and Visitors Bureau hired me to help promote the Crossroads PumpkinFest. It was going to be held on the first Saturday of November.

Since the festival was only one year old, I felt it needed a media boost in some way. I learned that part of the event encompassed a catapult competition, whereby trebuchets would be tossing pumpkins. Those hurled the farthest would win.

With some events, I like to do a media preview. This one beckoned - but what would be the hook?

So I spoke with Joel Leonard, my "creative department." Immediately he came up with the idea for The Great Heads of Statesville Exit Poll. We would create a spoof on the election, toss pumpkins drawn up to resemble political candidates, and see which one "won."

The event would be held two weeks prior to the general election.

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