Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photo Gallery

As soon as I got ahold of the pumpkins, they immediately had to go on display at the media preview. They were painted with water soluable tempra paint. It washes out of clothing - and also runs onto hands. So some of these portraits are smeared. Others were protected. It's amazing to see how talented these 7th and 8th graders are!

Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx wasn't on the sample ballot I had, but she does
represent a portion of Iredell County. Democrat Roy Carter is running against her.

Republican incumbant Steve Troxler is going up against Democrat Ronnie Ansley for the North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture. This being an agriculture event, I had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Ansley and a representative from Mr. Troxler's office. They already had speaking engagements elsewhere, but really wanted to attend. We'll see on Nov. 1 which one will win!

Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory's pumpkin head tied 86 yards with Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue. They're running for governor. Her head split wide open. We left it for the deer. Pat's head made it, but the battle shows all over his face!

Liddy Dole's head sailed, but didn't make it as far as Kay Hagan's. And you'll note that the real Kay Hagan WANTED her pumpkin head - so scroll back down to the post to see how her husband responded when it was handed to him!

Sarah Palin's lipstick didn't smear during the entire catapulting process. But, John McCain really took a beating! They survived to win the event.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama made it through the pumpkin chunkin' pretty much unscathed, but still lost by a narrow margin. North Carolina is a swing state - will this prediction come true?

Bob Crumley (R) is going up against incumbant Roy Cooper(D) for the NC Attorney General post.

I was unable to get photos of all the local candidates to pass along to the students. Since it rained on our event, the names on the bottoms of the pumpkins are somewhat difficult to read.

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