Thursday, October 23, 2008

Making the Media Kits

I like handing out press packets to media when they show up. I've learned throughout the years that typically the reporter or photographer who covers the story only gets bits and pieces of information from higher-ups. And that situation happened today. A reporter who is coming from outside his market to cover this function called asking for directions and details. All he had was my name, phone number and a short description of what it's all about.

So I've been printing out releases today - and sending the general release to outlets that I know won't be able to attend the media preview. The cost of gas has really cut into many news outlets' pockets.

One of the major newspapers I spoke to said they are going to try and send a videographer - that they're doing more online with video these days. That's a trend for small and large papers.

North Carolina has two Associated Press offices. I called both and alerted them that a local paper is planning on posting a story with photos. The AP photographer was glad, as he has tomorrow off. He felt he needed to call the local paper and request additional photos be posted.

The goal is that AP and some of the other media outlets who show up will send the stories up the ladder for national distribution. We were tickled with that kind of response in 2004.

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