Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Music Man

Joel Leonard, my "creative department," has been slaving over a new computer to download some political music we can play during the event.

In 2004, a super Statesville DJ set up and played music that really complemented our event. Well, he's retired and has sold his equipment. This is a low-budget event, so we couldn't hire another DJ. We're having to make due. Oh, he picked out some goodies! And along the way, he found some political tunes that are really funny. I know they'll appeal to those of us over 40 - but I don't know about the younger ones.

A lot of event organizers understand operating on a low budget. It opens the door for creativity - and Joel's got an international reputation for his level of thinking outside the box. Why, I just bet we'll even hear one of HIS songs tomorrow. He has written 2 - "The Maintenance Crisis Song" and "Find Me a Maintenance Woman." You can download them at The engineering students and faculty will be able to relate to the words. (Check out his opera version!)

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