Friday, October 24, 2008


McCain and Palin won with their pumpkins hurling 166 yards. Obama and Biden came in at 162.

Kay Hagan beat Liz Dole. Hagan's pumpkin soared 85 yards while Dole's only reached 79.

The governorship of the state of North Carolina remains undecided. Both the Perdue and McCrory pumpkins tied. There will be another chunking on Nov. 1 during the Statesville Pumpkin Fest.

We had to suspend "voting" after these races as the skies were dumping rain on us. However, we did have WBTV (CBS in Charlotte), WGHP (Fox in High Point), Time-Warner News 14 and the Statesville Record and Landmark cover the event. I anticipate the story will go national on CBS, Fox and through the Associated Press. We learned this evening that the NBC station in Charlotte may have pulled video from the 2004 event and aired this year's story. How did they get the results? I need to call them and find out.

And during all this - people were arriving at the Statesville Visitors' Center to take in a fun-filled weekend of a balloon rally in Statesville. They had read about the event in the Raleigh News & Observer.

Love it when a plan comes to fruition! Now I've got to follow up with a news story about the results that will be sent to papers that don't subscribe to AP, send a photo to the Greensboro News & Record and write a story about the 8th graders for the Statesville Record and Landmark.

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