Saturday, November 1, 2008

Press Release - Pumpkins Predict McCrory to Win

STATESVILLE, NC – According to the pumpkins, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is predicted to be North Carolina’s next governor. In a pumpkin chuckin’ held in Statesville on Saturday, the McCrory pumpkin narrowly defeated that of Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue by 2 yards.

They flew through the sky and splattered 81 and 79 feet, respectively.

The event was part of the 6th Annual Crossroads Pumpkin Fest that was held on Saturday, November 1. The street festival included a pumpkin chunkin’ where catapults and trebuchets hurled the seasonal gourd in a regulated contest. Teams came from the Statesville area and Lenoir.

The contest began on Friday, October 24 with The Great Heads of State Exit Poll, the name of a media preview designed to promote the street festival. At that event, pumpkin heads drawn to represent political candidates were hurled to predict winners of this year’s election.

Only 4 yards separated the winning McCain/Palin “ticket” from the Democrats.

In North Carolina’s hotly contested U.S. Senate race, State Senator Kay Hagan soundly defeated incumbent Elizabeth Dole.

And the governor’s race tied, with pumpkins landing 86 feet from their starting point. So on Saturday, the chuck-off was held to determine a prediction.

In 2004, the Great Heads of Statesville Exit Poll garnered an 80 percent accuracy. Pumpkin analysts expect the 2008 event to be 66 percent accurate.

The difference in the numbers is that more pumpkins were tossed in 2004 than in 2008 because of a “dampened economy,” which translates to a soaking rain that cancelled the October 24 contest.

Organizers are eagerly awaiting the real national vote to see how accurate the pumpkin predictions are. And so are people outside of North Carolina.

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